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Join us on a "Quest" for gaming fun!

You're invited to an all new gaming experience kicking off this summer! Join Unified as we host two-day, action-packed adventures for all levels of gamers through our traveling Esports Festivals. 

All attendees will receive a "Quest Card" with general admission, containing several various challenges or connection opportunities spread out over each of the different themed gaming zones. Complete as many as you can throughout the weekend to earn prizes, or a chance to win one of our big loot drops!

Full Quest Description List:

From the Registration Area to the final Arena Zone, each level of the esports event will have its own unique look and roster of gaming challenges! Check out the full list of quests by zone and their descriptions below (*all quests and gaming tournaments are FREE to enter with purchase of $30 general admission!)

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🏙 City Zone:

Quest #1: Where we droppin’ in?  -  Players queue up in the featured Battle Royale title, aiming for the highest total leaderboard score. Think you've got what it takes? Each participating score counts towards your Quest completion, and highest scores will be tracked on the Unified leaderboard throughout the weekend!

Quest #2: Challenge Accepted!  -  Test your racing skills and compete for the fastest score throughout the weekend! Compete for the "Time to Beat" and see if your score ends up on the Unified leaderboards at the end of the show.

Quest #3: Do you have any wares?  -  Visit with a vendor or guest organization to learn more about their program, products, and any special offers you've unlocked as a patron! Different vendors or guest booths may offer different quest tokens or coupons. 


🔥 Battle Zone:

Quest #4: Arcade Showdown  -  Face off in a fierce arcade-style showdown with one of several rotating 2D Fighting Game classics! Challenge others on their own quests, compete with local legends, and have the chance to use standard controllers or arcade fight sticks for the full, arcade experience. 🕹️

Quest #5: Handheld Challenge  -  Choose one of several posted challenges from popular mobile games and have the chance to score bonus prizes, such as our "Pokemon Go: Bug Catching Contest" with real plush and TCG prizes! 

Quest #6: Final Destination  -  No items, Fox only, Final Destination--or something like that. Compete in a CLASSIC one-vs-one Smash Bros. Melee battle on one of the standard competitive stages with 4 stocks for each player and 8 minutes on the timer.


⚔️ Arena Zone:

Quest #7: Esports Enthusiast  -  We'll have featured showcase and finals matches going on all weekend long, and our players need your support! Rest up between your own competitions and root for your favorite players as an Esports Enthusiast quester.

Quest #8: Target Practice  -  Have you got what it takes for high action competitive esports? Measure your FPS performance with incredible accuracy and rank yourself among other players by competing in one of the Aim Lab challenges on PC. (There may even be bonus prizes or recruitment opportunities for players with an outstanding performance!)


⚽ Field Zone:

Quest #9: In the Big Leagues  -  Try your hand at Rocket League or a standard sporting title on our field quest stage! This one-vs-one showdown is your chance to show off; each participant will receive their quest point for playing, and some of our favorite replays and highlights will get uploaded to the Unified channels!

Quest #10: Home Run Contest!  -  Ready, set, slam! A quick, classic home run contest allows each player to step up to the virtual plate in-game to take a whack at getting the highest score.


🏆 (OPTIONAL) Bonus Missions:

Quest #11: Loot Drop  -  Find your way to the prize table and make sure you've entered our door prize raffle! Each attendee who has purchased a general admission pass is able to enter the drawing; we'll contact our winners after the show if they've won!

Quest #12: Squad Up  -  Find a friend in this open-ended challenge! Add up to two friend codes or usernames on your quest card and tackle team tournaments throughout the weekend or in future online or on-site events.

Quest #13: Can I get your autograph?  -  Dozens of special guests, cosplayers, professionals from the esports industry and more will be attending our festival! Grab a signature from a special guest to commemorate your experience on the designated quest card line.

Quest #14: Quest Complete!  -  Huzzah, you've done it! Once you've completed all of (or the majority of) your quests, head on over to the redemption center to receive your choice of player prize. Players can receive 1-3 bonus prize tickets depending upon the amount of quests they've completed, OR if a player has completed every challenge, they can instead redeem their quest card for a FREE Unified Esports t-shirt!

Feedback forms are available at this station as well, and we'd love to hear your top requests for future games, challenges, and prizes to feature!


Unified takes attendee safety seriously. Staff will be following the city's most current recommended event guidelines, and social distancing practices will be encouraged in lounge and gaming areas.